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Michael Tendo Ssemwanga is a cross-platform mobile, desktop, and web app developer, and Data Scientist in Uganda. I have founded a Software development agency, Loft Uganda, and a Data Science agency, Pearl Data Firm. I have a decade-long passion for data and creating technology with half the time in positions of critical time-relevance assignments where I faced daily challenges to reinvent my methods and take the responsibility of creating the workflow.

Flutter React Tensorflow Firebase Docker Git Python Node.js mongoDB

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Form Scooter

Painless form collection with notifications and export.

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Server-less one-step form collection with Form Scooter!

Collect and organise your website forms …just like mail
I have lately gone through a round my methods to collect ...


Import MySQL database to Heroku with one command… import db.sql

2. Save this batch script as import.bat
3. Dump the local database in db.sql
4. In the heroku app directory, run<...


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